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Wireless Intercom Gate System - 2 Channels (For Office, Home & Plots)

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Digi-Two Button Wireless Intercom
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2.00 KGS
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Wireless Intercom Gate System - 2 Channels


• Long Range
• Easy Installation
• Portable Handsets
• Low Cost System
• No Call Charges
• Hands-free use for visitor
• Multiple handsets per user
• Rainproof and UV resistant
• Gate Triggering
• Low risk of lightning damage
• Rechargeable Battery Back-up



Houses, Large residential properties, Small Office buildings, etc

Typical Range is 100m in built-up areas.


The Digi-Two Wireless Intercom System is newly developed and three years of R&D in the making. It is fully approved by ICASA.

Communication is initiated from the gatestation by pressing button 1 or 2. Only the selected houses handset will ring and communication is established. Communication is simplex so only one person can speak at a time but the gatestation’s microphone is always active so the visitor does not have to press any key to speak. There are LED lights which indicate to the visitor when to talk and when to listen. The inside handset can enter into the conversation at any time by pressing a PTT button. There are 2 triggers that can be activated from the handset for opening a motorized gate or striker lock. These can trigger the front gate station at any time or during a call. The handset can place a call to the front gate at any time by pressing the PTT button. Multiple handsets can be added for the same house to have internal communication. There is a handset calling button which works on push-to-talk. 

Programming is done manually to link handset or handsets to a button. If only one button is used the other one will be inactive. There is a light sensor which illuminates the gatestation at night.

External Antenna- Range is terrain dependant and is 100m in built-up areas and 350m in more open areas. Range will be reduced with trees, walls and structures in between the gate and house. The external antenna is mounted as high as possible for improved coverage and audio. Includes "L" bracket with antenna, 5m cable and connectors and extra 3m cable extension

If there are many walls, trees and buildings between gate and house it is advised to use the Digi-613-E handset where an external antenna is connected to the handset for clearer reception. The handset will then be fixed to one location and not portable.

Housing complexes may also need the booster handset for the further houses to get better reception.


Package includes:

 Gate Station

Power Supply

Antenna with cable

Special Tool

User & installer Manual

Relay board