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Saturn Headset

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Saturn Headset
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Saturn Headset


A great entry-level Headset!

Uses: Home Offices, Doctors Rooms, Reception. Quick disconnect cord and comfortable ear cushions makes working even more comfortable.


Great entry level call centre headset with the following features:

  • Lightweight Alice band
  • NoiseCancelling
  • Soft foam ear cushions
  • Adjustable mic boom
  • Quick Disconnect cord


Pair this up with our eTel Headset phone to create a great Office Combo!

Struggling at work with a sore neck and shoulders? On the phone ALOT? Headsets are great for users that spend hours on the phone talking to clients, especially when you need your hands free so you can type, write and talk at the same time. The Lightweight AliceBand is adjustable so no worries about a headset that might be too small or big for you! Noise Cancelling is a great feature for busy loud offices and call centres, noise cancelling means whomever is listening to you will hear JUST you and not you and the whole office. Walk around alot and dont want to keep taking the headset on and off? That's what the Quick Disconnect is for!


Discounts available for purchases of 10 or more Headsets!

1 year warranty for factory related defects only. Does not inculde wear and tear and user abuse.