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EZ Call Centre Phone App + FREE CRM Software

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The EZ call center application is an affordable call center solution for small business. It comprises a USB CTi (computer telephony integration) phone that can be connected to an analog line or Skype.

The CRM contact centre software is supplied free of charge. There are no monthly fees. Simly plug and use.

Possible Applications:

  • Insurance company lead generation (Outbound)
  • Real Estate (estate agent) lead generation (outbound)
  • Car Sales lead generation (Outbound)
  • Mobile Companies lead generation (Outbound)
  • After Sales Support (inbound)
  • Technical Support (inbound)
  • Call Saving Router (make outbound call via Skype Out for cheaper rates)


Features Include:

  • Landline or Skype calling
  • Switch between landline call and skype call
  • Voice recording of calls (automatic or manually)
  • Power dialler (one-click dialling)
  • Headset Port for headset connection (headset not included with phone)
  • High performance audio chip for crystal clear phone calls on Skype or landline
  • Cli (caller line identification) pop-up - Pops up customer details if activated (PBX or landline dependant)
  • Pre-recorded Voice announcements (i.e. playback legal and other important messges on call answer)
  • Contact Management (import or export contact list via CSV)
  • Free CRM (customer relationship management) software


System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows XP or Higher
  • 4 Meg Ram
  • 500 Gig Hard Drive (may need more depending on voice recording activity)
  • USB port