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Digit D-Find - Vehicle Tracker & Monitoring Software

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The Digit D-Find Vehicle Tracker enables any fleet owner to monitor and track many vehicles simultaneously anywhere in the World.

No fancy features, no hassles, yet powerful monitoring reports to know exactly what the driver of your vehicle has been up to.


Free desktop software is included, as is the mobile app (Ios & Android). We also give you online access to the server via the web.

Price for the unit is a once off as displayed on this website (excludes installation). Thereafter there is a monthly bandwidth fee of R160 ex VAT, which includes 24-hour recovery services, data SIM card charges and server storage and data charges. All data is stored on our servers for up to 3 months, though you can do regular downloads to your PC, so you always have all the data.

Monthly fees are payable 3 months in advance by EFT or Debit Order.

All Digit units are VSS accredited and our installations are done according to VSS specifications and supplied with a certificate of compliance for your insurance company. We charge a once off installation cost of between R480 and R550 ex VAT, depending on the make of vehicle. 


Of course, you can choose to do your own installation, but it will not be VSS accredited for insurance purposes, and we will not be able to offer recovery services. 


Our desktop software allows you to view and manage, one, or 1000 vehicles in realtime.

With the full fleet management software, you can view vehicle movements in realtime on proprietary map (now also on Google maps). You can even get a "snail-trail" of specific trip superimposed on the map and see trip details (acceleration, deceleration, speed, etc)

In addition, you have access to many other user-friendly reports and can even allocate running expenses to specific vehicles (ie new tyres), as well as marking trips as either private or business for tax purposes.


The Digit D-Find Vehicle Tracker is a good entry level solution ideal for the private vehicle owner, or the small fleet owner wanting to monitor his/her own vehicle/s