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1000 Watts, 24Vdc - Modified Sinewave Inverter with 5A Battery Charger

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This 1000 watt, 24vdc modified sinewave inverter can be used to power up TV, DSTV, wifi and lights.

It is supplied with a built in 5A battery charger


1000 WATTS - 24VDC + 5A battery charger

Max Continuous Power: 1000 watts
Peak Power: 2000 watts
Output Amps: 4.16A
Size (mm): 360 x 236 x 83
AC Output Voltage: 230Vac
Frequency: 50Hz
Low Voltage Shutdown 19.12V
Overload Protection
DC input, AC output Short Circuit Protection
All Inverters Supplied with battery cables
Cooling fan
Input & Output fully isolated
High surge current capability starts difficult loads such as TV's & inductve loads
Grounding terminal for additional safety
Soft-start - Smooth start-up of appliances
Two led status indicators